Bond Table

‘Bond is my first design for a dinner table and, with its visible construction and organic top, it’s a natural extension of my specific style of design.
The firm steel construction forms a bond with the massive wooden table legs and soft organic top, hence the name “Bond table”. The rigorous lines of the frame give it a firm and striking expression, forming a light and playful contrast to the solid face of the top. Also, the brilliant metal surface is an elegant contrast to the soft, matt tabletop.
This interaction culminates in an elegant piece of furniture eminently suitable as a dinner table or a conference table.’
– Thomas Pedersen, SPARK

Table with a frame made in 14 mm powder-coated wire in combination with surface-treated legs in solid wood.

Tabletop in 25 mm MDF board with a chamfered painted edge and laminate top.
Extra leaf available made in the same materials.

Bond Table measurements:
100×205 cm.
100×255 cm.
100×300 cm.

110×205 cm.
110×255 cm.
110×300 cm.

Designed for 8000C